Spa cuisine at Shanti Ananda is based on the 5000- year- old medical science of Ayurveda, which talks about the importance of the right food depending on one’s body- type- Vata, Pita and Kapha.

The goal of Ayurveda is to work with natural Biorhythms and specific needs of the body and to bring in nourishing as well as immune system enhancing foods.

Based on these principles, that convert easily to suit all cuisines, the food at Shanti Ananda promises to be an eclectic and wholesome combination that will eventually lead to perfect health, the natural way.

:: Pebbles : All Day Dining restaurant serves Mauritian and International cuisine in a relaxed ambience.
:: Da Maurizio : The Specialty Fine Dining
restaurant experience where our internationally acclaimed chefs will treat you to mouth watering delicacies.
:: Red Ginger : The lounge bar offers both alfresco and indoor options and has the largest selection of wines available. It also features local Mauritian enetertainment in the evenings.
:: Exotic Tea Pavilion.
:: Beach and Poolside Service.
:: 24 Hrs. Room Service with
patio dining.