Shanti Ananda Maurice - A Destination Spa Resort in Mauritius

Shanti Ananda spa and resort in Mauritius is highly acclaimed, award winning destination Ayurvedic spa in Mauritus Ananda Spa in Himalaya is proud to offer you Shanti Ananda Maurice a destination spa on the magical island of Mauritius. Shanti Ananda spa and resort in Mauritius promises both a blissful Mauritius experience and a pathway to vitality through a union of body, mind and soul. Shanti Ananda spa and resort in Mauritius experience is the ultimate escape from the mundane to the spiritual , In this ayurvedic spa and health spa in Maurice every corner spells harmony and every colour soothes the senses in . so are you planning to take a spa break in ananda health and ayurveda spa in mauritius. If you talk about the accommodation in shanti Ananda health spa and ayurvdic spa then there are 44 Junior Ocean View Suites (81 sq m). In ananda oriental spa there are 5 luxury spa Villas with Swimming Pool (376 sq m) and in shanti Ananda health spa and ayurvedic spa it had one presidential villa too. In Shanti Ananda heath spa in Mauritius, Fitness programme hones mental and physical fitness through a series of techniques designed to increase the integration of mind, body and soul. The kinds of therapies in anand spa in Maurice are Hydrotherapy in spa, Thallasotherapy in spa, Oriental Therapy in spa, and health treatment too. The spa's signature programme is a unique blend of Shanti Ananda's specialist therapies, provide perfact introduction to other programmes, rejuvenating treatments, therapies and workshops. You can rediscover yourself through the ancient discipline of Yoga in shanti Ananda ayurvedic spa and health spa in Mauritius while giving you a spa break in your holidays. Spa cuisine at Shanti Ananda health spa in Mauritius is based on the 5000- year- old medical science of Ayurveda .