The luxurious accommodation at Shanti Ananda Maurice comprise of 55 spacious villas and suites.

44 junior ocean view suites:
22 Ocean View &
22 Beach Front suites

Area 81 sq. mts. each

:: These are housed in independent Villa structures with 4 units in each villa, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor.
:: All Junior Suites have large
balconies overlooking the ocean or a large private courtyard.
:: Spacious bathrooms feature an outdoor shower in an enclosed courtyard. There is a separate dressing room with a walk- in closet and a dressing table.
:: All rooms have large double
beds and are equipped with DVD players, LCD TVs and broadband internet access.

5 luxury villas with pool

Area 208 sq. mts. each

:: Every villa comprises of a
54 Sq. Mts. temperature controlled private swimming pool, exclusive private gardens and private Salas.
:: All villas have outdoor
showers in an enclosed courtyard and lounge beds.

5 luxury suite villas with pool

Area 376 sq. mts. each

:: These include all the above
features of a luxury villa with pool plus a large living room.

1 presidential villa

Area 800 sq. mts

:: Includes all the above and
comprises of 2 bedrooms.
:: Open courtyards, exotically
landscaped private gardens and swimming pool with a built in Jacuzzi and a steam room.