A 14 & 21 days complete health & wellness programme, the Weight Management Programme addresses the physical and emotional challenges associated with weight loss and weight maintenance. Based on a combination of Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga and International therapies the program is a safe and effective way in which to lose those extra inches. The Spa provides the ideal atmosphere and complete privacy in which you can learn how to gain control of and balance your lives. Come join us at this beautiful Spa and Resort in Mauritius and learn to live the Shanti Ananda way!
Consultation & Spa Treatments No. of Minutes
Ayurvedic & Wellness Consultation 30
Personalised Fitness Consultation 30
Personal training per room 60
Personalised Ayurvedic Detoxification treatments. 30
Dosha Specific Hydrotherapy Bath 20
Personalised Yoga Per room 60
Pranayama and Meditation session per room 30
Jalneti & Pranayama 45
Lifestyle recommendation 30