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Ayurvedic Spas Mauritius

Ananda Spa Maurice is a ayurvedic spa Maurice Located in St Felix at the south of Mauritius. Shanti Ananda Maurice promises a blissful Mauritian experience, with breathtaking views of the hills and the Indian Ocean with its coral reefs, this Mauritius spa resort gives you an experience where every corner spells harmony and every colour soothes the senses. This Ayurvedic Spa Mauritius offers a number of treatments that rejuvenate and heal the body and mind. When in need of rest and recuperation Luxury Spa Mauritius is the place to be. Then a trip to an Indian Ocean Spa is just the right destination for you. Take a health holiday in a Luxury Destination Spa Mauritius and receive unsurpassed service that will make you feel like Royalty. Shanti Ananda Maurice is one such luxury resort Mauritius that caters to all your needs and moods. The spa dinning cuisine offered is of the highest quality and variety. This is one Indian Ocean Spa that leaves nothing to be desired.
SHANTI ANANDA promises both a blissful Mauritian experience and a pathway to vitality through a union of body, mind and soul.

Spread over 36 acres of tropical gardens, with breathtaking views of the hills and the Indian Ocean with its coral reefs, the resort is located in the south of Mauritius at St. Felix. Crystal clear turquoise waters greet you as you step out of your door; gracefully wooded hills circle the spa.

Enchantment fills the air as the great healers—nature, rest, beauty and stillness—begin to work their magic.


Destination spa Mauritius

The highly acclaimed, award winning Destination Spa, Ananda - In The Himalayas is proud to offer you Shanti Ananda Maurice a ayurvedic spa resort mauritius on the magical island of Mauritius.