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Ayurvedic Mauritius  Spa Therapies - Shanti Ananda Maurice

Oriental touch by Mari Macritchie

Giving wellness a new meaning

Shanti ananda maurice 10th – 23rd september 2009
Shiatsu and craniosacral therapy with mari macritchie

About the master

Mari has been a shiatsu practitioner for 16 years and a cranial therapist and watsu practitioner for over 10 years and has run her own centre bodysense in glasgow, scotland since 1998.

She started her training in australia and continued in the uk travelling extensively in america to train with different teachers to build on her skills. She has run her own school of shiatsu and has taught craniosacral therapy and watsu in europe.

In 2006 she set up the watsu training school for us at shanti ananda maurice, where watsu is now a popular and sought after therapy.

She has a great love of the ocean and has spent many hours swimming with dolphins in the bahamas where she also worked with in the water with her skills at the upledger institute on their dolphin assisted intensive therapy program.

Her treatments are very nourishing and will leave you with a feeling of wellbeing at a very deep level.

About the programme

Shiatsu is a japanese therapeutic treatment using different qualities of pressure over the whole body to help reduce muscle tension and rebalance postural alignment.

The theory and techniques originate from chinese medicine and by applying varied pressure on the meridians (acupuncture energy pathways), the subtle form of life force known as “ki” is stimulated to induce a smooth flow of energy.

Benefits of shiatsu - very beneficial for assisting with back and joint pain, headaches, menstrual or sleep problems and depression. A session is calming and extremely relaxing and will leave you feeling more flexible with a general sense of well-being.

Craniosacral therapy (cst)
Cst is a very powerful but gentle treatment of the whole body originated from osteopathy

The therapist is trained to feel and listen to the subtle motion of the craniosacral rhythm. Physical or emotional shock creates tension in the body, which leaves the tissues tight and contracted creating short and long term pain.

Benefits of cranio sacral therapy - the therapist applies stimulation through the craniosacral rhythm to release these tensions and return a healthier circulation and energy flow. The effects of chronic pain, migraines and long term physical and emotional issues can be greatly reduced by a series of cst treatments. People with painful arthritic problems can also be helped with cst.

Watsu (water shiatsu) is a treatment unlike any are floated in warm water with your eyes closed to draw your senses inwards to aid relaxation. Your nose is out of water free to breath.

Your body is then massaged with acupressure and stretched in dance like movements to create an experience unique and often beyond words.

With the water as your support and no restriction of a table or floor your body has the freedom to move with greater fluidity than on land, inducing a much deeper mental and physical relaxation.

Benefits of watsu – watsu releases painful arthritis and joint and muscle stiffness and helps stress related illnesses.


10th september complimentary introductory morning
10.00 a.m – 11.00 a.m – followed by regular therapy sessions

10th – 23rd september – 10.00 a.m – 7.00 p.m
One on one private therapy sessions for either shiatsu massage or cranio sacral therapy.

Please book your appointments at the spa reception